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Big Enough To Win, Small Enough To Care

Protecting Your Rights In Minnesota’s Civil Courts

Litigation is almost always the last resort in resolving a dispute, and produces few outright winners. But when arguments in civil court cannot be avoided, the skilled lawyer who provides a strong voice for your goals in Central Minnesota is Rhonda J. Magnussen.

During her more than 30-year career, Rhonda has prevailed on behalf of a broad range of clients in the courtroom. Her in-depth investigation, exhaustive case preparation and detailed presentations before judge and jury have translated to a track record of success.

Rhonda J. Magnussen‘s Law Firm Is Big Enough To Win, Small Enough To Care

You receive aggressive protection of your rights before judge and jury in practice areas that include:

  • Real estate issues such as boundary and partition disputes
  • Business divorce
  • Contested and high-asset divorce, in a family law context
  • Probate and estate disputes, such as will contests and trust litigation

As your civil law attorney, Rhonda is open to your ideas and responsive to your wishes throughout the process. Her tradition of attentive personal service is acknowledged by appreciative clients throughout the region.

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