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Defending Your Interests After A Criminal Arrest

Conviction for a felony offense such as a drug crime, violent crime or white collar financial crime can cause these life-changing outcomes:

  • Years behind bars, and long-term separation from loved ones
  • Substantial fines that drain your finances
  • Strict conditions of probation after a debt to society is paid
  • A criminal record that follows you everywhere, especially on background checks for employment and housing
  • Damage to personal and professional reputation

When the stakes are at their highest — when your freedoms, finances and future hinge on the outcome of a criminal trial — you owe it to yourself and your family to choose the most experienced criminal defense attorney you can find.

In Central Minnesota, that skilled lawyer and litigator is Rhonda J. Magnussen.

At the law firm of Rhonda J. Magnussen LLC, in Elk River, clients accused of serious felonies receive every benefit of our founder’s more than 30 years of experience with advocating for the rights of defendants in state and federal courts.

Rhonda listens carefully to your side of the story. She investigates your charges with an eye to their reduction or dismissal during negotiations with prosecutors. If there must be a trial, you can count on her to eloquently safeguard your interests before judge and jury.

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