Professional, Intelligent, Caring Representation

Attorney Rhonda J. Magnussen has fought for the interests of people from all walks of life for more than a quarter-century. A skillful negotiator and effective litigator, Rhonda has advocated for a broad range of clients in family court, probate issues and criminal proceedings, as well as civil disputes. Her professional credentials, personal qualities, dedication to personal service and track record of success make her uniquely qualified to represent you.

Are you committed to resolving a real estate, contested divorce or estate dispute in court? If so, Rhonda J. Magnussen is the lawyer for you. You receive every benefit of her investigative resources, thorough case preparation and persuasive presentations before judge and jury.

Ideally, a deceased loved one has left a will behind, to expedite smooth estate administration. This ideal is often not the reality, however. Whether your relative's simple will leads to simple distribution of assets, a will's validity is contested or no will exists at all, our law firm can help.

Whether the challenge is as general as uncontested divorce or as specific as third-party custody or visitation issues for a stepparent or grandparent, Rhonda J. Magnussen can help. She works hard for favorable outcomes through mediation, negotiation and litigation.